5 ways to boost self confidence

By Casey Cheah, 30 August 2021

5 ways to boost self confidence

5 ways to boost your self confidence! Without confidence and self esteem, it makes it very hard to be the best version of yourself. A lack of confidence can be picked up by others, and can lead to being taken advantage of, boundaries being crossed, and living in a victim mindset.

Here are 5 ways you can boost your self confidence, and take back your power!

1. Change your language

The language we use is a result of the beliefs and values we have in our subconscious mind. We are often not consciously aware of the things we say; words just tend to roll off our tongue. Our language and words become a habit because we have said them so many times before. To stand in your power and become a more confident person, start to become more consciously aware of your language.

Instead of ‘I should’, try ‘I could’ and see how it changes the energy of the sentence. Eg: ‘I should meditate every day’ vs ‘I could meditate every day, but I’ll start with three times per week’. One sentence drags your energy down, the other gives you choice and sets you up for success. Instead of ‘I can’t see my friends because of lockdown’, try ‘I won’t see my friends while in lockdown’. Every word carries a vibration, and the energy of ‘should’ and ‘can’t’ are a lower vibration to ‘could’ and ‘won’t’, which are more definitive self-empowering, and give you choice.

2. Practice self-discipline

Have you ever noticed when you say you’re going to do something and don’t follow through, how much worse you feel than if you hadn’t said anything in the first place? Following through with your word gives you an automatic top up to your self-confidence tank. However, not following through with your word drains your energy and confidence.

Self-discipline is the art of saying ‘no’, setting clear boundaries, and sticking to them. It’s about following through with your word, and taking yourself and your life seriously. It’s about having clear values and standards for yourself, and valuing yourself highly enough to honour them. When you start to develop self-discipline, you will find your self-confidence increases too.

3. Hang around positive people

We are all energy beings, and it is said we are the sum of the top 5 people we hang around. We absorb the energy of others fairly easily (especially those of us who are empaths), so it pays to be choosy! Pick people who lift you up, inspire you, motivate you, who are better than you at certain tasks, so that you can learn and vibe off those people. Positivity begets positivity, but the same is in reverse with negativity. When you hang around ‘energy vampires’, you will not only drain your energy, but you will start to drain the energy of others too. To be the best version of yourself, pick people who lift your vibration higher!

4. Focus on your strengths

We are automatically more confident when doing things that we are already good at. For example, when I’m exercising, practicing yoga, or giving a Reiki healing, I feel confident in myself and my abilities. But when I’m learning a new skill, or doing something that is not in my wheelhouse (like social media!) I don’t feel as confident. In order to boost your confidence, focus on and do more of the things you enjoy and are good at. That doesn’t mean never learn new skills or try anything new! But if you are lacking in self-confidence, finding things to boost you up first is going to set you up for success.

5. Get a confidence life coach!

If you have struggled with low self-confidence and low self esteem for a long time, it can be very challenging to pull yourself out. This is especially hard if your friends constantly drag you down, you don’t have any role models, or you are lacking in direction. Hiring a life coach to teach you strategies and tools to better yourself, build up your skills and capabilities, and boost your confidence could be the best investment you have ever made. Once you have higher self-confidence, your abilities will improve, your mindset will transform, and you will feel more able to take on the world!


If you are someone who has struggled with self confidence, and just can’t seems to stand in your power, book in for a Coaching session here. I would love to help you step out of victim mode, and back into your power where you belong!

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