Practicing Reiki with intention

7 April 2021 | Reiki

For a Reiki practitioner, practicing Reiki with intention sends a message to energy to flow to the recipient with positive […]

Self-Reiki requires self-discipline

29 March 2021 | Reiki

Practicing self-Reiki requires self-discipline – just like any other practice! Whether it’s yoga, meditation, sport, or any other skill, we […]

How does Reiki work?

15 March 2021 | Reiki

My clients often ask me, ‘so how DOES Reiki work’? It’s a great question! Reiki is energy, and energy is […]

Reiki and the Chakras

1 March 2021 | Reiki

My NEW workshop ‘Reiki and the Chakras’ is held on the second day of the Reiki Level 1 Course. It’s […]

Learn Reiki Level 1

17 February 2021 | Reiki

Learn Reiki Level 1 to get started on your Reiki journey! It’s my favourite of all the Reiki courses and […]

Why become a Reiki healer?

30 January 2021 | Reiki

Why become a Reiki healer? This is a very good question! If you are someone who has experienced Reiki for […]

First step in becoming a Reiki healer

29 January 2021 | Reiki

What is the first step in becoming a Reiki healer? Firstly, I love that you are interested in learning more […]