Energy protection is key!

13 May 2022 | Reiki

Energy protection is key, and cannot be underestimated! As a Reiki healer, it is imperative that you protect your energy […]

The answers lie within

25 April 2022 | Reiki

The answers lie within us, yet we so often go searching for answers outside of ourselves. The art of self-reflection […]

Reiki healing is a big responsibility!

18 April 2022 | Reiki

Reiki healing is a big responsibility, and one that should not be taken lightly. As Reiki healers, our clients are […]

What is a Reiki Share?

22 March 2022 | Reiki

What is a Reiki Share? Reiki Shares are an opportunity for Reiki healers to come together to connect, ask questions, […]

Reiki healing for Empaths

28 February 2022 | Reiki

Reiki healing for empaths So many clients come to me experiencing energetic overwhelm, and struggle to protect themselves from negative […]

The world needs Reiki!

7 February 2022 | test

The world needs Reiki The world needs Reiki right now! The practice of Reiki is full of kindness, compassion and […]

Life as a Reiki Healer

25 January 2022 | Reiki

Life as a Reiki healer is pretty amazing! There are so many benefits and incredible opportunities as a professional Reiki […]

Accredited Reiki Courses

5 January 2022 | Reiki

Accredited Reiki courses in Melbourne are important to find if you want to learn Reiki. Not all Reiki courses are […]

Learn Reiki for your self

7 November 2021 | Reiki

There are many reasons to do a Reiki course, one major reason being to learn Reiki for your self! Once […]

Why I LOVE being a Reiki healer

14 October 2021 | Reiki

As I’m starting to gear up to run Reiki Courses again, I thought I’d share why I LOVE being a […]

The Reiki ripple effect

28 September 2021 | Reiki

The Reiki ripple effect shows us how energy is the heart of everything and everyone. There are many names for […]

Can I learn Reiki online?

14 September 2021 | Reiki

Can I learn Reiki online? This is a question I’m receiving a lot lately, especially since the pandemic started! It […]

5 ways to boost self confidence

30 August 2021 | Coaching

5 ways to boost your self confidence! Without confidence and self esteem, it makes it very hard to be the […]

The Reiki Principles

17 August 2021 | Reiki

Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki, developed the 5 Reiki Principles to help us live a more content and happier life. […]

Reiki Level 2 Course

6 August 2021 | Reiki

Reiki Level 2 is the next step in your Reiki journey after you have completed Reiki Level 1. Once you […]