Reiki Mastership "Reiki Master Teacher"

Reiki Mastership Course Dates

This is a 1:1 individual Course and Mentorship; therefore the starting date is determined by the participant and teacher upon booking.

Master Teacher Training Duration

12 months

Reiki Mastership Course Prices

Please contact me here for information on prices

Reiki Master Course Description

Reiki Master Teacher is a 12-month commitment. During this course, you will continue to deepen your connection to Reiki energy, learn 2 more symbols and their uses, how to attune others to Reiki, how to conduct your own Reiki workshops and courses, and have guidance and assistance on writing your own Reiki manuals for Reiki Level 1 and 2. You will also receive the Reiki Master Attunement.

This Reiki Master Training can be taken 6 months after completing your Reiki Level 3a (prerequisite to Reiki Mastership) to give you time to learn, absorb and practice what you have learnt in the previous level. It also gives your body time to adjust and shift energetically. Reiki Mastership can also only be started a minimum of 12 months after completing your Reiki Level 2, which is why I have broken Mastership down into ‘Reiki Level 3a Master Practitioner’ and ‘Reiki Mastership’. The 6 months in between the courses allows you to continue your momentum and keep learning and deepening your connection to Reiki.

This course is recognised by the Australian Reiki Connection.

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What you will learn

  • What is a Reiki Master?
  • Reiki attunements, and how to attune others to Reiki energy
  • Reiju (spiritual blessings)
  • Meditation and self-Reiki practice
  • 2 more symbols (*not part of traditional Usui System of Reiki)
  • Conducting Reiki workshops and courses
  • Assistance in writing your own Reiki manuals for Reiki Level 1 & 2
  • Self-awareness of yourself and your energy throughout Reiki Mastership
  • Finding out what Reiki really means for you personally and professionally
  • Observe and assist on my Reiki L1 and L2 workshops to learn how to run your own
  • Attend and participate in 3 Reiki Share evenings
  • Mentoring by me throughout Reiki Mastership
  • Offer of continued and ongoing Reiki mentoring after you finish your Reiki Mastership

What is involved

  • 10x 2 hour individual mentoring / Reiki training sessions with me over 12 months
  • Attendance of at least 3 Reiki Share evenings
  • Observe and assist on both Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 courses
  • Monthly homework and daily self-Reiki and meditation practice

What you will receive

  • You will receive a comprehensive 40-page Reiki Master manual to take home
  • You will receive the Master Reiki Attunement
  • You will receive Certificate of Reiki Mastership upon completion of this 12 month course
  • Invitation to Melbourne Reiki & Wellness – Reiki Healers facebook group (full of support, Q&A’s, social meet ups for Reiki Healers of MR&W to build connection and community)

What to bring

  • Water bottle
  • Pen and notepad/journal
  • Wear something loose and comfortable

Join our Reiki Master Course in Melbourne

If you have completed your Reiki Master Practitioner course and are wanting to continue on your Reiki journey, our Reiki Master course in Melbourne is the next step! Contact us here to book in or find out more.