Reiki quiets our Ego

By MelReiki, 14 June 2021

Reiki quiets our Ego

Reiki quiets our Ego and fears by relaxing our body and calming our mind. During Reiki, we are more able to connect to our intuition and inner guidance system, bringing about more peace. We are then more able to make decisions and go about our day with less ego and heightened emotions.

What is our Ego?

There is a misconception that Ego is all about having a ‘big head’, being arrogant, or having a heightened sense of self-importance. However in reality, Ego is all about survival – it is always on the look out to protect us from any perceived threats. It pays to remember that Ego comes from fear. From our Ego’s perspective, pain=death, and Ego is afraid of anything that is threatening to our survival. If there is pain (physical, emotional or mental), it will distract, deny, ignore or avoid this pain at any cost to help us survive.

Reiki quiets our Ego

Our Ego often switches our nervous system into sympathetic mode – our stress response. Our body slows down our digestive system and immune response (amongst other things). It starts pumping us with adrenalin and cortisol, getting us ready to fight or flee. Reiki however does the opposite. It calms our physical body, switching us back into parasympathetic mode, our rest and digest response. When we are relaxed, our digestive system and immune system kick back into gear, and we can start to heal.

The power of our mind

Reiki also calms our mind. It helps us get out of our head, reduces worry, anxiety and stress, and helps us to relax. It also connects us with our intuition and higher Self. Where our Ego is all about fear and survival, our higher Self is all about love and acceptance. Reiki brings about greater peace when we can connect to the higher powers of our spiritual self.

Learn Reiki Melbourne

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