The Reiki ripple effect

By Casey Cheah, 28 September 2021

The Reiki ripple effect

The Reiki ripple effect shows us how energy is the heart of everything and everyone. There are many names for this energy, including the bioenergy field, unified field, higher consciousness, source energy, vital life force, chi, or of course, Reiki.

Everything is energy

Your thoughts, emotions, and physical body are all made up of energy. Everything is literally just forms of light, vibrating at different frequencies. The higher frequency or vibration, the closer to light we get. The lower frequency or vibration, the closer we get to tangible matter, things we can touch and feel and see.

The Reiki ripple effect

Energy is at the core of everything. When your energy is depleted, that causes a ripple effect to your mind. Your mind includes your thoughts, beliefs, judgements, self-talk, and your perspective on the world. If you are depleted in energy, your mind will start to become depleted too. Negative self talk, increase judgement, and ruminating thoughts can start to occur more frequently, and it is easier to then slide into victim mindset thinking.

Thoughts impact your emotions

Your thoughts then have a ripple effect to your emotions and feelings. What you think about will bring about a particular emotion. If you think negative or depressing thoughts, you will feel down, sad, depressed, angry, frustrated, etc. If you think more positive thoughts, your mood will lift, and you will feel happier, lighter, more excited, joyful and grateful.

Emotions impact your physical body and behaviours

Your feelings and emotions then have an effect on your physical body and behaviours. If you feel angry, you might also experience tense muscles, and tight neck and shoulders. You might shout at someone, or drink too much. If you feel nervous, your stomach might get upset, and you might experience heart palpitations. You might eat too much chocolate to try and calm your nerves. If you feel excited, you might have a lot of energy, you might go for a run, call a friend and talk excitedly, take action on something that brings you closer to your goals.

Energy is the centre of everything

Your energy is at the centre of everything. If you are vibrating in a higher state, your mind will be clear and focused. You will have more positive thoughts, which lead to more positive feelings, which lead to a healthier body and more proactive action. If you are vibrating at a lower frequency, your mind will be foggy, anxious, or overwhelmed. You will feel angry, frustrated, or stressed. Then your body will respond by tightening up, going into sympathetic nervous state (fight/flight response), and you will take very different actions in order to deal with the stressful emotions.

Reiki healing to lift your vibration

Reiki is a beautiful energy healing modality that can lift your energy or vibration to a higher state. When you have a Reiki healing, it’s like pouring fuel into your empty tank. Reiki replenishes your energy, which then has an incredible ripple effect to your mind, emotions and physical body. After a Reiki healing, clients report experiencing a clearer mind, better quality sleep and more focus. They experience being in a happier mood, feeling lighter, more grounded, and more calm. They then notice that the world around them shifts, perhaps they receive more work opportunities, they connect with old friends, they start to move forward on their goals with more ease.

The Reiki ripple effect is magic!

The Reiki ripple effect is magic! If you have not yet experienced a Reiki healing, I would highly recommend you to try a session and notice what happens afterwards in the following few days. You may be surprised at the effect it has, not just on your mind, but your emotions, physical body, and life in general too.

Learn Reiki Melbourne

If you are curious on learning more about Reiki and how it works, book in for Reiki Level 1 here. Reiki courses are run all throughout the year, and I have dates for 2022 now available! Become a Reiki practitioner, learn how to Reiki yourself, and empower your self to lift your own vibration when needed. Once you receive a Reiki attunement, you will be able to connect to Reiki energy, not only for yourself, but you can share it with others as well.

Book in for a Reiki healing

If you would like to book in for a Reiki healing to experience this magic for yourself first, book in for a Distant Reiki healing here. I’ll be able to (hopefully!) open up to see clients in person from 26th October, once lockdown restrictions have lifted. Feel free to book in for a Reiki healing in person anytime from 26th October 2021 here. I look forward to connecting with you!

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